20 January 2009 @ 08:12 pm
I have some boneless skinless chicken breasts to use up. Any creative (and easy...and tasty!) ideas for what I could do with them?? I have almost every spice available to mankind in my pantry. So suggest away.

Also, Jena and I got bitched at by this old hag in a liquor store in the East Village and she essentially kicked us out of the store. Jena made a little joke about whether the $5 champagne (a BLUSH, no less!) she showed us was drinkable, and she got all offended, told her she was childish, and asked us to "please look elsewhere." So we got some Prosecco from the wine shop on our block.

Happy Inauguration Day! Jena just noticed that our meal is patriotic...the risotto is red, our 3 buck chuck is white, and our gushers are blue!

Augh, we're watching the ball, they're so gorgeous. Amazing.

But Beyonce?? Really?
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24 December 2008 @ 09:57 pm
let me count the ways...

1. the weather is far shittier.
2. my first five minutes inside my parents house i stepped in cat puke. barefoot.
3. my dinner probably contained the highest fat content of anything i've eaten since july.
4. my family is just the way i left them, plus one member! my new baby great niece who is adorable.
5. sponge candy!

happy christmas, all.
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I don't often remember insane dreams like these soooo...

Jena and I were on a cruise ship docked outside of the New York, just sitting at the bar, sipping our drinks. We notice these dumb girls come in and start talking about how the drinks are all included and how they're gonna get so fucked up and of course Jena and I immediately start making fun of these girls and saying why this is why we should never have booked a cruise vacation. Then my phone goes off and its Rona saying its the kids' holiday show now and I need to get there asap. So I book it off the ship and find myself somewhere in the LES, where I meet Lindsey, one of the therapists at work. She gives me these crazy button things, one of which has pictures of the city, but as you look at them, the streets and buildings in them start to crumble and fall apart, but in a very 1960s movie special effects way. So I thank her and continue searching for Rona. Somehow I find her in this leper colony that's a cross between Lothlorien and the Union Square Christmas market. She flags me down and they're keeping her in this tiny outhouse like building, which for some reason has a wall full of delicious cakes and pies. She runs out to get her stuff so we can leave, and I immediately start stuffing my face (I love how I'm even a fattie in my dreams). Then Lizmo comes in and is like, Are you coming? I'm like, wtf? where? She tells me we have to get back to the cruise ship so she can marry her girlfriend I didn't know she had before it turns into 2009, because after 2008 gay marriages apparently aren't happening anymore ever. So I say ok, but I'm thinking if Liz has been this serious with a girl, why has she been dating boys lately?? Me, Liz and the mystery girlfriend my brain decided not to give a face to, all get back on the cruise ship and we go down to a bar area (very classy, brain) where the gay weddings are going on. I get out my camera so I can take pictures since apparently I'm the only witness, but I notice that the ship is starting to take on water. This doesn't seem to really concern anyone and everyone gets married in waist-deep water. The rest was pretty much Lizmo and I shopping, like we do.

Happy Friday everyone.
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11 December 2008 @ 07:51 pm
It's my PMS week, so little minor annoyances today have seemed a lot, lot worse. For instance, as a new hire, I'm ineligible for vacation time, which basically means only one paycheck in December because of the holidays. I booked a train home for the 24th, because work's December calendar said we were closed that day. Today, I was told we're actually open that day and the calendar was wrong. This is the second time we have received an incorrect calendar from the main office. I'll have to call in that day and lose even more money. Also, I still do not have a permanent hire letter. If I don't have it by noon tomorrow, I cannot get my stipend money til mid-January. That's $2,000 I've been waiting for for about 3 months now. Okay, maybe these annoyances aren't all that minor.

Oh, and Oprah "I am worthless now that I weigh 200 lbs" Winfrey can suck it. This is from Jezebel: "...there's another issue here: Fat-shaming. With those two words, "I'm embarrassed," Oprah makes plus-sized people — and yes, that includes me — feel like they should be embarrassed, too. Because Oprah is amazing, and Oprah knows all. So if Oprah weighs 200 lbs. and is embarrassed then you'd better be ashamed of yourself if you're anywhere near or over that weight, right?"

A-fucking-men. She's fat, I'm fat, the world is fucking fat. Deal. Live your life. You are far more than the sum of your adipose tissue. I don't really have anything else to say, because this story has already been beaten to death.

In fact, still on the fat subject, one of my coworkers signed up for a gym this week, and went for the first time today, where she met her trainer who she got a free session with when she registered. This trainer, totally out of the blue said to my coworker when she was leaving, "I'll see you later so we can work on that butt of yours." My coworker never mentioned that she wanted to work on her butt and was incredibly offended, and ended up calling to cancel the training session. She's an average size, so this really makes me wonder how I'd be viewed or treated if I joined a gym around here.

In other random news, I was at a demonstration at City Hall on Tuesday to protest the closing of some NYC public daycares, and wound up getting my picture in some Chinese newspaper.
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06 November 2008 @ 07:26 pm
Today my preschool class worked on painting this giant turkey to hang on our wall for Thanksgiving. During circle time, we asked them to come up with names for our turkey. Most said cute preschool things like "Mommy" and "Pumpkin" and "Choo Choo Train." But when we asked one little boy what he thought we should name our turkey, he said, "Obama!"

Speaking of Obama, election night was insane and wonderful. Jena and I spent the majority of the evening glued to the TV (and the interwebs...fivethirtyeight what?) at Ro's election party, gorging ourselves on her amazing spread and getting slightly toasty. Oh, and randomly getting our laundry done. For some silly reason it's cheaper in her building in Battery Park City than at our neighborhood laundromat. Anyway, somehow a bunch of us wound up hopping a cab to Times Square, screaming and celebrating and generally going nuts. Jena and I had the most amazing cabbie on the way home from Ro's. This Bangladeshi guy was hating on the Obama haters he's had in his cab ...and apparently the beggars he's run into: "I see this guy beggin' on the street and I say to him, 'hey man, why you beggin'? We got Obama! Stop yo beggin', go home! It's embarassin'!'"

I called my parents yesterday to chat and ask their opinion on the elections. My dad picked up the phone and the first thing he said to me was, "I see you black man won." That's my dad. The same man who, when I asked him what he thought of his trip to Italy and the people there, said there were "a lot of dagos." What can you even say to that?

What else? I update so infrequently lately...Oh, Halloween! It was just meh this year. We took the kids trick-or-treating in the upstairs offices at work. It was cute, one floor had these mini tunnels constructed between the cubicles for the kids to run under after they got their candy, which I thought was clever. I went right from work to Ro's with Jena and Lizmo. I swear, I think we're the only twenty somethings in Manhattan who go to party it up in Battery Park City. But Ro always has wine, and chips and salsa and hummus, and hugs! She's our NYC mommy. Lizmo decided to dress as this leg-eating blood soaked zombie person and answered the door pretending to munch on marrow and spouting things like, "NO CANDY HERE...ONLY LEGS!" So that was amusing. Jena was a spy, and I am po', so I just borrowed some devil horns from Ro.

My job is going well. I adore my head teacher and my co-workers are great. The class is still super crazy insane, due largely to the sheer number of boys and children who receive services, but it's gradually getting better. Overall though, I absolutely love that I'm in the field I'm in right now, especially working in Head Start. I don't know, it's something about working in the financial district...I walk around looking like crap during my lunch break and on my way home, especially compared to all the Suits. But then I think about what they do all day and it makes me feel 100% better about myself.

On an unrelated note, last night I broke our shitty 99 cent store corkscrew. There can be no wine tonight. :(
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05 November 2008 @ 02:20 am
That was the most amazing night ever.
07 October 2008 @ 08:43 pm
I received the best cat-call ever on 2nd and St. Mark's today. I was wearing my beloved green wool scarf from Oxford, and as I was adjusting it, a certain gentleman hollered out to me, "Damn girl, I wish I was that scarf, you could wrap me round your neck anytime!" I mean, what the hell does that even mean? I definitely was not looking my finest at the time, either. That scarf is seriously grannytastic.

So yes, I am still alive and in NYC. The past few months of unemployment have really sapped my soul, but this officially ends tomorrow! I begin working in a head start tomorrow in the Financial District, mere blocks away from where the lovely Miz Jena is employed. This couldn't have happened at a better time...well, actually it could have, like maybe back in August...but right now, financially, I am on skid row. My dear, dear mother even sent me a 26 lb. package of food two weeks ago, and I've mostly been living off that.

Speaking of mis padres, they are off gallivanting in Italy this week. I'm sure my dad crapped his pants a little in the Vatican. Those crazy kids...

Oh lordy, these debates! They have turned into excuses for us to be even bigger winos than we already are. Last week Jena's cousin made us delicious spicy vegan pasta and we played Sarah Palin bingo. Which I freaking won and didn't even realize! I was so pissed! I cannot wait til this madness is over. I'm just sick of the goddamn catch phrases.
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03 August 2008 @ 09:52 pm
Hey all, I am in New York! It's ridiculous, really, but I am in love. I am tired and sore and I don't have a bed, or anywhere to put my clothes or computer, and my apartment is technically on the seventh floor of my building, but I am in love. I am stealing internet currently and if I look out my window I can see the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building. Still no news on the job front, but amazingly, Jena's mom has been keeping her eyes peeled for jobs in NJ for me, where they pay their teachers incredibly well. The commute would be less than desirable but it would be worth it. So we'll see.

Lizmo, Gemorrc ((Mr. Morrisey, who I was instructed to call Jar Jar...do NOT ask, and I arrived in New York at around 10pm on Friday night. There was the most horrific traffic in PA, so we lost about two hours there, and probably more considering the slow ass service at Friendly's, where Gemorrc used the term "make whoopie" and Lizmo and I decided we could never look him in the eye again. So we arrived in New York, which Gemorrc driving through Manhattan as if the steering wheel had been super glued to his hands. Then we turn the corner, and suddenly we're on a block that's lined with trees, and Gemorrc exclaims, "SON OF A BITCH!" And Liz is all, "Dad, what?" And he thinks a minute, and goes, "There are...trees here!" Apparently Gemorrc never says "son of a bitch" so these were some pretty spectacular trees we'd encountered. But we managed to find out apartment, with everyone in one piece, and met the Tumblesons. Jena took me upstairs to show me our apartment, which I had been told was on the fourth floor, but is really on the sixth. And if you count the 3/4 flight that takes you to the first floor, it's more like the seventh floor. We got all our stuff hauled up in about an hour though in a relay system, thanks to Jena's family, who are some of the most generous people I've ever met. We tried to organize as much as we could, but it was pretty hopeless without places to put anything. Sleeping didn't exactly happen, due to the insane heat and how wired we all were, so we just stayed up the majority of the night chatting in Jena's room. I think I slept an hour and a half max.

Yesterday we took Jena's car over to Brooklyn to pick up this loft bed for Lizmo and a mattress for super cheap. We were planning on taking the Morrisey's van, but Gemorrc peaced out super early. So we had to strap this damn mattress to the top of the car using dollar store bungee cords. We had to go about 20 mph, but Jena threw her hazards on, and these asshats in a van cut us off and nearly killed us on the Williamsburg Bridge. It was terrifying. Somehow we made it, and then even more extraordinarily managed to get the entire bed and mattress up to our floor on our own. It was a complete pain in the ass to assemble, but Lizmo perservered. I was kind of miserable and overwhelmed from being sleep-deprived, though, so it wasn't the greatest day I've ever had. Although I did have some amazing food from two little restaurants right on our street, including this Italian flatbread wrap with chicken, sundried tomatoes, and hot sauce that was godly.

And today we got up and took the ferry over to the Ikea in Brooklyn. The weather was beautiful, so I snapped lots of pictures like a silly tourist. Ikea was huge and crazy and overwhelming, and then we went to the biggest grocery store I have ever been to, called Fairway, which was also huge, crazy and overwhelming, and steering the cart made me feel like Gemorrc driving in Manhattan. We hauled our groceries home, and then headed out again to explore. Our neighborhood has so many vintage clothing shops it's unbelievable. We ended up walking up to 18th street to this little children's bookstore that was adorable. Then we headed over to Jena's old stomping ground, the West Village, where Jena and Lizmo watched a man in a miniskirt deep throat a lotion bottle, while I got hit on by the man next to me on the park bench, who thought we could "chill and roll around." That was our cue to leave, and so we hit up Chinatown for some of the most amazing vegetarian sesame chicken on the planet. And Lizmo stuffed an entire fortune cookie into her mouth without thinking and ended up eating about half her fortune before remarking "I ate the paper!"

This week I really need to get down to business about finding a job. Especially because I need a bed. An air mattress isn't going to cut it for much longer, and it's possible my lower back may decide to revolt if I'm not careful. So that is a summary of the past 48 hours of my life. Holy crap.
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16 June 2008 @ 06:53 am
In Boston. Was at four airports total yesterday. Pretty ridiculous. Really tired, slept like shit. City is gorgeous, didn't get lost. Have nice roomate & nice neighbors. Breakfast time now. More later.
02 June 2008 @ 07:05 pm
I have a raging headache. This whole being an adult thing, yeah...not so fun. I'm so sick of slicing through red tape. Between fighting with my insurance company, playing phone tag with my dr's office, email tag with Pearson, and scouring the net to find an online class for my education credit requirements, plus I need to start thinking about getting my crap together for Boston because I leave in less than two weeks. Oh and I have to figure out what to do with the crap I didn't sell at the garage sale this weekend. Throw on top of this shitstack working two jobs, and finding time to do stupid things, like, say, get my hair cut or see my friends, and you have one frazzled girl who needs a stiff drink.

I've been searching for a class for a good two hours tonight. I finally stumbled on one at HVCC, and the one they would prefer me to take has already started, and the only other one available to me has a whopping three slots open. So I need to call them tomorrow and get the ball rolling before I'm screwed back to square one. Which, if that happened, I would just curl up and cry in a corner for a week. On the bright side, at least they're reimbursing me for the class. Well $300 of it. Which is something.

Why couldn't I have figured out what I wanted to do with my life back when I was 17 or 18? Things would be soooo much easier now.

And sorry that this is my first entry in a bajillion years and all it is is me bitching and moaning. Christ, I'm gonna go make myself a screwdriver. Cheers.
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